Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am happy. i dont think ill ever be the type to get down on stuff, i always look on the bright side of life but i'm telling you it doesn't get any brighter than this. i want to leave now while i still appreciate it and while i still like people because reality is coming down and i see that people don't change, people aren't inspiring me, i know what every day will bring, i know what kind of people there are here, i know what this place has to offer. so while i'm still happy and still appreciating things, im leaving.

i dont want to force anything upon him, i want him to make his own mistakes but fuck how many mistakes does he have to make before he will realise???? anyways, ive been taking him out heaps, getting him to drink and learn more sociable skills and different ways to party, he said he has more fun when he is pissed so im guessing it is a good sign. meh what can you do??? im just dissapointed...... no im pissed off that i cant just click my fingers and make him realise, instead i have to sit back and watch him fuck up